Interior’s Ken “Boot on the Throat” Salazar stepping down #rsrh

President Obama’s big-hat-no-cows Interior Secretary will be stepping down. I found his attitude during his four years as the cabinet secretary most responsible for energy regulation to be arrogant and belligerent to energy interests.

Salazar came in to office with an agenda focused on so-called green energy. The focus of the (then) Minerals Management Service was on leasing the Outer Continental Shelf for wind energy, and the resumes of the MMS political appointees reflected that. But Salazar will be remembered for overseeing the regulatory response to the Deepwater Horizon disaster of April, 2010. By the end of May of that year, Ken had dismissed Liz Birnbaum and installed Michael Bromwich, a former prosecutor, as the agency’s head. Salazar’s “boot on the throat” approach to crisis management slopped over into regulation and continues to this day.

Mr. Salazar will not be missed.

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