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The Shale Gas Boom as a Game Changer

The combination of horizontal drilling with modern hydraulic fracturing methods is the key that has opened vast new possibilities for our domestic energy supply picture. Realizing those possibilities is up to us, through realistic resource management and intelligent policy decisions. Continue reading


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Fact Checking Matt Damon’s ‘Promised Land’

I wasted $7.75 on Hollywood’s latest anti-fracking agitprop “Promised Land” (1) so you won’t have to. You can read movie reviews elsewhere. From what I’ve seen, they’ve been rather lukewarm. And in its first weekend of nationwide distribution, audience response … Continue reading

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Speaking of Rhinos and Telescopes, it’s the Non-Sequitur of the Year #WSJ #rsrh

In an article entitled “Fracking Debate Wracks South Africa” (WSJ 8/6/2012, page B1), a picture of a radio telescope array carries the following caption: South Africa’s shale-gas reserves are estimated to be among the world’s largest, but the region is … Continue reading

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Fracking is Blamed for … Well, Everything, Really.

Blaming natural phenomena on fracking is this year’s fad, reminiscent of the mood ring, the pet rock or Anthropogenic Global Warming. Item 1. Vice-President of the United States Joe Biden may not know what hydrofracking is, but he does know … Continue reading

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President Obama, Dr. Steven Chu and Their Fracking Whopper

…[It] was public research dollars, over the course of thirty years, that helped develop the technologies to extract all this natural gas out of shale rock – reminding us that Government support is critical in helping businesses get new energy … Continue reading

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Purple squirrels in PA? Blame #fracking! #rsrh #natgas

Pennsylvania’s purple squirrel a rainbow-colored riddle [Strange events formerly attributed to Global Warming are now attributed to fracking. Well, that’s progress, I guess. H/T Cheri. – Ed.] A bright purple squirrel trapped by a Pennsylvania couple has experts offering all … Continue reading

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Natural Gas Absurdity Roundup

1. Despite a natural gas drilling moratorium in New York, that state’s Chemung and Broome Counties are feeling the economic lift from drilling next door in Pennsylvania. But to the New York Times, the ex-pat workers, largely from Texas, Oklahoma … Continue reading

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The New York Times and its Anti-Fracking Cargo Cult

Another day, another distorted and fear-mongering attack from the Old Grey Lady on America’s natural gas industry. Headline: Add Quakes to Rumblings Over Gas Rush (originally published under the headline “Some Blame Hydraulic Fracturing For Earthquake Epidemic”; link may require … Continue reading

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Drilling in New Jersey? No Fracking Way!

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie issued a conditional veto on a measure that would have imposed a permanent ban on hydraulic fracturing — a/k/a “fracking” — in the Garden State. Instead, Christie has suggested a year-long moratorium on the practice. … Continue reading

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The New York Times Says Shale Gas is a Giant Ponzi Scheme. Erm, No.

The New York Times really hates natural gas. Just in the last year, the Times has run scaremongering articles on the dangers of hydrofracking and Gasland-inspired tales of groundwater contamination in the “shale plays”, the unconventional sources of natural gas … Continue reading

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