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Great Achievements in Central Planning: Cellulosic Biofuel

Cellulosic biofuel is a case of the Congress thinking it could create a market presence for a product by sheer force of will and legislation. Bad idea. Continue reading

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I Do Not Like It, Uncle Sam! I Do Not Like Your Clean Green Scam!

With apologies to Theodore Geisel Will government ever learn? Every time they try to fool the market with some cockamamie attempt at central planning, they create a discontinuity in the market. These discontinuities can often be exploited for gain. That’s … Continue reading

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On Taxing Pixie Dust and Unicorn Farts

Quick quiz: What is a Progressive Politician’s preferred form of energy? A. Cold Fusion B. Pixie Dust C. Unicorn Farts D. Cellulosic Biofuel E. All of the Above Careful. It’s kind of a trick question. Answer below the fold.

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