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Settled Science on the Proper Spelling of ‘Fracking’ #fracking #rsrh

1. Phonetically, ‘fracing’ makes no sense. 2. We already have ‘picnicking’. 3. So it’s ‘fracking’. Q.E.D.

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The Inevitable Shakeout in the Shale Patch

Shakeout Threatens Shale Patch as Frackers Go for Broke The U.S. shale patch is facing a shakeout as drillers struggle to keep pace with the relentless spending needed to get oil and gas out of the ground. Shale debt has … Continue reading

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When Your ‘Goal’ is not really Your Goal

It’s a massive “tell”: The Kyoto goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions was never the global warming crowd’s true goal.

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Sometimes the Goal is Not Really the Goal

Correspondent Clark Griswold reports: I spent the last three months planning my family’s summer road trip to Wally World. My Trip-Tik anticipated stops at the Grand Canyon, the House of Mud and the World’s Second Largest Ball of Twine, but … Continue reading

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Matt Yglesias’ Utterly Banal and Misleading Economic Insight

Y’know, Matt, the numbers are all there, man. Can you find a modicum of intellectual curiosity and intellectual honesty to drill down for the truth next time? Continue reading

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Velvet Underground music break

A midday music feature from a few weeks back at I endorse the idea, but would not have featured any song sung by Nico. Chacon a son goût, as I always say. Weird postscript stands out: Coincidentally, former … Continue reading

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#FIFY, Vox.

For a host of reasons, Matt Yglesias’s simplistic graph (“The private sector is up, public sector is down”) is unenlightening and practically misleading. A little more insight can be had to those willing to drill down a little bit. See … Continue reading

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Tell me again why we don’t need the Keystone XL Pipeline? #KXL #rsrh

Keystone protesters are very sure they don’t want a pipeline. Is this what they want to replace it with? Embrace it, baby. “The derailment occurred Wednesday in downtown Lynchburg [VA] causing a large and intense fire, but no injuries. City … Continue reading

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