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Lee Fang on Oil Speculation and the SPR

Summertime 2011, and “investigative journalist” Lee Fang of ThinkProgress has replaced the BP Spill in my blogging life. Fang’s amateurish attempts to find scandal in oil commodities trading have become my new blog fodder. Fang puts forward the half-baked theory … Continue reading

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ThinkProgress and Lee Fang vs the Evil Koch Brothers

While I claim no expertise, I do have a general understanding of how the oil market works, which is more than can be said for ThinkProgress “investigative journalist” Lee Fang. A series of articles (notably here and here) has convinced … Continue reading

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Lee Fang: Math is Hard

Lee Fang’s job title at the Center for American Progress is “Researcher”. Heh. Honestly, I’d never heard of this guy until about a month ago, when he made the mistake of thinking he knew something about oil trading, accusing the … Continue reading

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