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Just the Fracks, Ma’am

Natural gas is a cheap, abundant American resource, and cleaner than all of its viable alternatives to boot. It would be hard for a reasonable person not to favor natural gas as a component of our national energy mix, but … Continue reading

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FEMA archeologists find American Indian Pottery. Wait, what?! [Updated] Very interesting, but it raises another question: Why does the Federal Emergency Management Agency need archeologists on staff? They can’t hire consultants, or call on another government agency? Our President and his buddies in Congress maintain that “we don’t … Continue reading

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It looks like Gannon Wade Mendez will not be Father of the Year. “PERKINS — A Perkins man is accused of abusing his 9-year-old son because the child expressed support for the University of Oklahoma. “Gannon Wade Mendez, 42, was charged Feb. 14 in Payne County District Court with one count of … Continue reading

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North Korea’s nuclear test heroes win trip … to Pyongyang. Scientists, technicians, workers and officials behind the February 12 test will visit the capital as the guests of the ruling Workers’ Party, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said on Wednesday. ‘They will spend significant days in Pyongyang, enjoying … Continue reading

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Three Republican Governors Urge Drilling the Offshore Atlantic

Sally Jewell is CEO of REI, Inc., and President Obama’s choice to replace outgoing Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. In anticipation of Senate confirmation hearings, the Republican governors of three coastal Atlantic states have written a letter to Ms. Jewell to … Continue reading

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Huzzah! Huzzah! Obama Administration Opens 38 Million Acres to Oil and Gas Leasing!

In one of the great non-stories of the year, the Department of the Interior this week announced its plans for its next oil and gas lease sale in the Central Gulf of Mexico. DOI: 38 Million Acres in Gulf of … Continue reading

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Missing: Black Helicopter #rsrh

“If seen, call the Dept of Homeland Security, Wash., D.C. Ask for Janet.”

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Surely You’re Joking, Dr. Chu!

With the toner barely dry on Dr. Steven Chu’s resignation from his post as Secretary of Energy, the building of a mythology complete with tales of the Physics professor’s Feynman-esque insight is well underway.

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