North Korean Bigwig Sacked #rsrh

Maybe he didn’t clap vigorously enough at the faux-Disney performance.

DPRK Regime Heavyweight Lee Felled

“In a move that has caught the international community by surprise, Chosun People’s Army Chief of Staff V. Mar Lee Young Ho (aka Ri Yong Ho), someone seen as one of Kim Jong Eun’s closest regime allies, was relieved of all his official duties by a meeting of the Party Central Committee Politburo on Sunday.

“In a short article released this morning, Chosun Central News Agency cited illness as the reason behind the removal of the 70-year old Lee.

“The move is a shock because Lee had been one of the most successful figures in the regime following Kim Jong Eun’s formal emergence as the successor to Kim Jong Il. In addition to being Chief of Staff, he had been a member of the Politburo and its elite 5-man Standing Committee, and vice-chairman of the Party Central Military Commission. All were positions he had been promoted into since the 3rd Workers’ Party Delegates’ Conference on September 28th, 2010, the day after he was promoted to vice marshal. “

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