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Revisiting Obama’s ‘Tough Decisions’ on Offshore Drilling

Remember the State of the Union, way back in January? President Obama shared a vision of our nation’s energy future: But to create more of these clean energy jobs, we need more production, more efficiency, more incentives. That means building … Continue reading

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We’re Taxing Tanning Booths, So Why Not Nail Salons?

One of the many features of the Health Care Bill that Nancy Pelosi was oh-so-anxious that we boobs find out about is a new 10% tax on tanning services. That one somehow slipped past most Americans as they watched the … Continue reading

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An Earth Hour Retrospective: Measuring the Impact

Calling #EarthHour 2010 a “blip” does a grave injustice to real, honest-to-goodness blips. Our pals at have completed their multivariate statistical analysis of the impact of last night’s Earth Hour on energy consumption in California: 2010 Earth Hour in … Continue reading

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North Korea celebrates Earth Hour! (Ooops! That photo is from 2006…)

North Korea celebrates Earth Hour! (Ooops! That photo is from 2006…)

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More Global Warming Baloney from the AP

Via our friends at comes the sad story of South Talpatti Island (a/k/a New Moore Island) in the Bay of Bengal. Or, more precisely, South Talpatti is an ex-island. New Moore is No More, the latest victim of rising … Continue reading

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George Washington. Worst. President. EVAH!

An online poll at U.S. News and World Report asks readers to vote on their choice for Worst U.S. President of All Time. The overwhelming ‘winner’ is: George Washington! Father-of-Our-Country, “I-cannot-tell-a-lie” George Washington, by a margin of 6 to 1 … Continue reading

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Natural Gas: A Tale of Two States

The states of New York and Pennsylvania have clearly divergent approaches to energy policy. New York is a long-time producing state which shares with its neighbor Pennsylvania the Marcellus Shale as an exciting resource with seemingly unlimited potential. Drilling has … Continue reading

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Antarctic Shrimp, Global Warming and the Laffer Curve

This one’s about philosophy, science and chaotic systems. H/T Caleb Howe, who called attention to an AP Science article today: Scientists go ‘gaga’ to find creatures beneath 600 feet of ice A borehole through 600 feet of Antarctic sea ice … Continue reading

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Ethanol, the Fuel Only a Politician Could Love

The Energy Information Agency (EIA) admits in its 2010 Annual Energy Outlook that, under present law, ethanol use in 2022 is projected to be almost a third less than the 35 million gallons-equivalent per year mandated by Congress way back … Continue reading

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One Step Toward Energy Independence (And Three Steps Back)

The emotional appeal of the New Green Economy rests on its promise to free us from our addiction to oil. Our carbon-free future envisions a land of Rainbows, Unicorns and Magic Windmills, with Prius in every garage. Our energy will … Continue reading

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