Six Reasons to Reject Donald Trump

I’m a Republican base voter, right down the middle. Every Republican candidate for President since Ford in 1976 has received my vote. I’m comfortable with my vote for Trump in 2016 and 2020 (even though I did agonize over that 2016 vote, to be honest). Both times the Democrats’ alternative was utterly unacceptable.

Here’s my assessment of Donald John Trump as a candidate for President in 2024.

  1. Trump has abysmal people skills, which leads him to make terrible personnel choices: Jeff Sessions, Rex Tillerson, Anthony Scaramucci to name just three. So many soured relationships, maybe DJT is the common thread. Ironically, Trump thinks this is his strength.
  2. Trump is disloyal to competent, professional subordinates: Bill Barr, Mike Pence. These are principled men with better instincts that Trump, in his paranoia, abused.
  3. Trump hears what he wants to hear, believes what he wants to believe. He trusts grifters and opportunists. He is a poor listener who doesn’t deal with reality. His 2020 re-election effort was out-strategized and out maneuvered. When you’re whipped, it’s best to realize it and walk away.
  4. Trump is his own worst enemy. Had the maddening habit of shooting himself in the foot; never knew when it was to his advantage to shut up. Terrible timing on picking fights. Why take on DeSantis, three days before his election?
  5. Trump would be ineligible to run again. Why elect a lame duck?
  6. Joe Biden shows that the country needs more active and vital leadership. Why elect another geriatric?

I will not support a Trump candidacy in 2024.

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