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R.I.P. George Mitchell, Father of the Shale Boom

George Mitchell, a son of a goatherd and a brilliant petroleum engineer and entrepreneur, died on Friday in Galveston at the age of 94. Mr. Mitchell’s role in championing new drilling and production techniques like hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” is … Continue reading

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Energy: Dejà Vu at the SOTU

We’ve heard it all before, except now the message has been repackaged to deal with the evolving reality in the Energy Sector. In “fossil fuels”, we have two big success stories: the Shale Revolution and the continued success of domestic … Continue reading

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The Non-Producers

Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom were pikers compared to the Government’s “Green Energy” schemes. Bialystock and Bloom plotted to make millions with a guaranteed Broadway flop. Against all odds, Springtime for Hitler became a runaway hit, and The Producers went … Continue reading

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Karma’s a Botch

Last week, we heard about the Fisker Karma, the new electric vehicle being built in Finland using a $529 million loan from U.S. taxpayers. Beneficiaries of this deal include one Albert Gore, partner in the “green” venture capital firm Kleiner … Continue reading

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