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Chart of the Day #rsrh

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Giant Mercedes Limo Rally in Pyongyang

H/T @jstrevino via twitter

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American Presidents in Uniform

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Column A/Column B

Current and former candidates for the Republican nomination for the Office of President of the United States fall into two distinct groups. See if you can guess what distinguishes Column A candidates from those in Column B. Column A Mitt … Continue reading

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Pyongyang mourns the passing of Dear Despot. #rsrh

I haven’t seen this much crying since the last episode of The Biggest Loser.

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Offshore O&G Lease Sale: Small Companies Stay Away in Droves

On Wednesday of the week just past, the Department of the Interior conducted the first sale of oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico since BP’s Macondo oil spill. Measured by the statistics touted in Interior’s press release, … Continue reading

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That brownie will kill you. In other news, ‘I drank your milkshake’. #rsrh

From the venerable New York Times: Think of the public as a consumer in a grocery aisle passing a box of brownie mix, the consultant said. The brownie on the front is so delectable that she can imagine the taste … Continue reading

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The New York Times and its Anti-Fracking Cargo Cult

Another day, another distorted and fear-mongering attack from the Old Grey Lady on America’s natural gas industry. Headline: Add Quakes to Rumblings Over Gas Rush (originally published under the headline “Some Blame Hydraulic Fracturing For Earthquake Epidemic”; link may require … Continue reading

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Canada to Kyoto: ‘Sayonara!’

On Monday, Canada’s Environment Minister Peter Kent announced that his country would exercise its legal option to end its participation in the Kyoto Protocols. The Protocols were a United Nations initiative, adopted in 1997 with a goal of rolling carbon … Continue reading

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Notable Quotes re: the Durban AGW Conference #rsrh

Quote #1: “The UN plan will shift wealth from the first world’s poor to the third world’s rich without making any difference in climate control.” Quote #2: “Anything coming out of the mouths of Maldives officials related to climate, CO2, … Continue reading

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