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What Peak Oilers Won’t Tell You About Peak Oil

M. King Hubbert is the father of Peak Oil theory. In a 1956, he paper correctly called the timing of the peak in U.S. crude oil production in the early 1970s. Neo-Malthusians and Progressives make sure you know about Hubbert’s … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day, Calvin Coolidge Edition #rsrh

From The American Spectator: I am opposed to extremely high [tax] rates, because they produce little or no revenue, because they are bad for the country, and finally, because they are wrong.

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It’s Not Easy Going Green, Part V: Niet in mijn achtertuin.

I know a little about the costs of construction and maintenance of oil and gas platforms in a marine environment. I always wondered why it would be cheaper to install and maintain a windmill offshore. Now I have my answer: … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Pipelines

One of the reasons we’re supposed to be wary of the Keystone XL Pipeline is its alleged threat to the Ogallala Aquifer, the water source for much of the Great Plains. From Wikipedia: The depth of the water below the … Continue reading

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The North Korean Human Rights Int’l Film Festival. Really. #rsrh

“Hello. My name is Park So Yeon and I am the ambassador for the North Korean Human Rights International Film Festival. We would like to ask you to show a lot of interest in the film festival and hope to … Continue reading

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Dem Senators Talk Tough to Cuban Drillers #rsrh

Never mind the fact that Cuba is a sovereign nation… Senators float plan to thwart Cuban oil drilling Two Senate Democrats critical of Cuban offshore oil drilling plans are floating legislation that would hold companies liable under a major U.S. … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day, Dick Cheney Edition #rsrh

From Aram Bakshian, Jr.’s review of In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir, by Dick Cheney with Liz Cheney: And let’s not forget Dick Cheney’s masterful election debate performances in 2000 and 2004. They helped keep two prime liberal … Continue reading

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus and the Big, Bad Pipeline

The habitual self-loathing of the American Left is perhaps its most endearing quality. Most of us remember actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus from her lead role in the late, lamented CBS sitcom Watching Ellie. Now she’s an expert on energy, international economy, … Continue reading

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Mexico to Scrap Plans for 10 New Nuke Plants in Favor of Natural Gas #rsrh

Nov. 2 (Bloomberg) — Mexico, one of three Latin American nations that uses nuclear power, is abandoning plans to build as many as 10 new reactors and will focus on natural gas-fired electricity plants after boosting discoveries of the fuel. … Continue reading

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