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Study: Wind farms can cause climate change. #rsrh Perhaps this should not surprise us, as one of the first lessons I remember is that nothing is free. I also remember from my youthful reading of the Guinness Book of Records that a single large-scale tidal power generating … Continue reading

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EPA and the White House Wash Their Hands of the ‘Crucifixion’ Mess

Earlier this week, a two-year old YouTube video surfaced that floated some raw sewage in the Obama Administration’s energy punchbowl. In it, EPA Region 6 Administrator Al Almendariz, speaking to a group of Texas citizens, chuckles while comparing his agency’s … Continue reading

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Apologies? We Don’t Need Your Stinkin’ Apologies!

The way things are going They’re gonna crucify me. Lyrics by John Lennon. Concept by Al Armendariz, Administrator of EPA Region VI. No apology is necessary, Mr. Armendariz. In a perverse way, your comments reveal the tactics of your agency, … Continue reading

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Pain perdu!

Whole wheat, no less.

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First arrest in BP spill case. #rsrh

Shackles and handcuffs seem like unnecessary theatrics. And it’s not about a negligent well design or the proximate cause of the spill, it’s about the amount of the fine. From the Daily Advertiser (Lafayette, LA): But the case against [former … Continue reading

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Mary Landrieu outpaced in fundraising by potential rival Bill Cassidy (LA-Sen 2014) #rsrh

From The Times-Picayune: WASHINGTON — The next Louisiana U.S. Senate race isn’t until 2014, but, according to the most recent Federal Election Commission filings, Rep. Bill Cassidy, R-Baton Rouge, a likely candidate for the GOP nomination, has more money in … Continue reading

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You say Falklands, I say Maldives. #rsrh

Rigzone (@Rigzone) 4/23/12 6:44 AM Borders & Southern Finds Hydrocarbons South of Falkland Islands Also: Barack Obama tries to refer to the Falklands as the Malvinas… but instead calls them the Maldives

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Earth Day 2012: The Day the Tide Turned

Happy Earth Day 2012, everyone! One day we may look back on this as the time when the tide began to recede – that being the tide of Anthropogenic Global Warming hysteria. The canary in this particular mine is the … Continue reading

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Crawfish 2

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Crawfish time

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