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Brazil Signs Giant Oil Deal With China. Sorry, Obama. #rsrh #bestcustomer

From the Washington Times: China gets jump on U.S. for Brazil’s oil The United States wants it, but China is getting it. Less than a month after President Obama visited Brazil in March to make a pitch for oil, Brazilian … Continue reading

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In Major Announcement from White House, Obama Decides Sun Will Rise Tomorrow

In Tuesday night’s State of the Union Address, President Obama said: Over the last three years, we’ve opened millions of new acres for oil and gas exploration, and tonight, I’m directing my Administration to open more than 75 percent of … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with Peak Oil Theory? Consider ‘Peak Gas’.

In 1956, M. King Hubbert predicted that crude oil production in the U.S. (ex-Alaska) would peak in rate around 1970, to be followed by a long, irreversible decline. Hubbert nailed the timing of the peak, and in doing so, cemented … Continue reading

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Energy: Dejà Vu at the SOTU

We’ve heard it all before, except now the message has been repackaged to deal with the evolving reality in the Energy Sector. In “fossil fuels”, we have two big success stories: the Shale Revolution and the continued success of domestic … Continue reading

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Six House Dems Would Confiscate Oil Company Profits

Six House Democrats, led by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D’OH), have filed a bill aimed at controlling gasoline prices. Styled the “Gas Price Spike Act”, H.R. 3784 would establish a “Reasonable Profits Board” which would have the power to confiscate 100% … Continue reading

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DPRK MiniTrue collects, revises 2012 calendar after DL’s Death. #rsrh

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Czar Cass Sunstein wants power to quell rumors, conspiracy theories. #rsrh

Regulatory Czar wants to use copyright protection mechanisms to shut down rumors and conspiracy theories As Congress considers vastly expanding the power of copyright holders to shut down fair use of their intellectual property, this is a good time to … Continue reading

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“Lucy, if Repsol spills any oil, they’re gonna have plenty ‘splainin’ to do!” #rsrh #Cuba

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Two pictures = 2,000 words

Observations: § Market forces continue to make the entire world smarter and more efficient consumers of energy. § Oil will lose market share by 2030, but the actual production of oil must grow by 17% to fulfill this goal. § … Continue reading

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New Series: “Bayou Billionaires” premieres at 9/8central Jan 21st on CMT! #natgas

Bayou Billionaires Supertrailer Looks like The Beverly Hillbillies traded Milburn Drysdale and Elly Mae for two Jethrenes and a Miss Hathaway.

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