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Wargaming #Election2016

Last fall the Presidential Election of 2016 played out in real time, right here in Louisiana. Locally, we called it the 2015 Gubernatorial Election. My takeaway: Given a unified party, any of the three Republican candidates would have beaten the … Continue reading

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Notes on Obama’s $10-per-barrel Oil Tax, Part 2: Ceteris Ain’t Paribus

We looked at the first red flag that Obama’s new tax proposal isn’t the result of deep thought and study in the previous installment, Math Are Hard. All things being equal, ceteris paribus as the economic wonks say, 32 billion … Continue reading

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Notes on Obama’s $10-per-barrel Oil Tax, Part 1: Math Are Hard

Yes, I know that Obama’s $10-per-barrel tax proposal is DOA in Congress. What irritates me is that it is a thoughtless proposal, more about instigating division than about practical benefit. It is as if important policy issues have been entrusted … Continue reading


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