Endangered Species a Victim of Brazilian Deforestation: Could Global Warming be to Blame?

Once plentiful to the point of being considered a nuisance, sightings of Pthirus pubis in its natural habitat are said to be fewer in number than at any time in recorded history. As reported in The Guardian (UK), scientists report that the rate of encounters of Pthirus in the bush to be down by as much as 90% over the last few years.

Website after website (comprising 25% of Internet traffic according to some experts) chronicles the critical loss of its natural habitat. Few deny that the deforestation is widespread, but experts disagree as to the underlying cause. Some say it is due to the overly-aggressive application of petroleum-based chemicals and waxes designed to limit unwanted growth in the delta region. Others speculate about the indirect effects of Global Warming, causing more frequent denuding of the nether regions which Pthirus calls home.

Surely we can all agree that every species deserves to be saved, regardless the cost to our prosperity and sanity. After all, our lack of regard for common sense is the ultimate measure of our humanity.

Are pubic lice in danger of extinction?

Some doctors have suggested that modern pubic-hair grooming practices, such as the Brazilian wax, are destroying the natural habitat of Pthirus pubis

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5 Responses to Endangered Species a Victim of Brazilian Deforestation: Could Global Warming be to Blame?

  1. Nelson says:

    As I recall, the old joke about curing an infestation involves a combination of clear cutting and burning…

    • Steve Maley says:

      From my brother: “Oldest crab joke I know: have you heard about the crippled crab? He walked around on crotches.”

    • Steve Maley says:

      My Dad says that they had a sure-fire remedy when he was in the Navy. It involved a razor, lighter fluid and an ice pick. 1) Shave a circle on your stomach 2) douse your pubic region in lighter fluid 3) set it on fire. When the crabs run into the clearing to get out of the fire, stab them with the ice pick.

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