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America’s Strange Love for Corn Ethanol

In 2007, before our domestic shale boom put a big dent in America’s reliance on foreign oil, the Bush Administration made a massive commitment to biofuels. The Renewable Fuels Standard mandated an ever-increasing consumption of ethanol as a motor fuel … Continue reading

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Great Achievements in Central Planning: The Renewable Fuel Standard

In 2005, Congress, in its infinite wisdom, imposed the Renewable Fuel Standard on America.  The RFS mandates yearly increases in the amount of ethanol that must be used in motor fuel, on an ever-increasing schedule, through 2022. Problem is, nobody … Continue reading

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Energy Week in Review

Headlines for the week ending March 15, 2013: Obama announces plans to fund alternative fuel research Ethanol Surplus May Lift Gas Prices Japan extracts gas from methane hydrate in world first Dissident Shareholders Flex Their Muscle Excerpts and commentary below … Continue reading

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