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Shale Oil Boom Rattles OPEC

The shale boom began in the U.S. as a ripple in North Dakota and Texas. Now that uptick on our production curve has triggered a tsunami with geopolitical implications. Continue reading

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PA Rep. Jesse White (D) apologizes, sort of

From his Facebook page: Don’t insult us by invoking the First Amendment. These people are your constituents, and what you did (sockpuppeting, failing to take credit for your own website) is dishonest and unethical. If you have evidence that it … Continue reading

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PA State Rep. Jesse White (D) in Epic Trolling #Fail

It’s one thing to be an internet troll. It’s another to do it badly. But if you’re an elected official confronted with evidence that you’ve been trolling a constituent, a white-haired grandmother no less, don’t lie about it. On camera. … Continue reading

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Some Economists™ are Idiots

According to The New York Times, “some economists say” oil companies aren’t taxed highly enough, despite being subject to the highest effective tax rates among all industry categories. “Some (economists/scientists/experts) say” is one of the oldest tricks in the Old … Continue reading

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Big Ethanol’s @TheOilyBird Gets Dewormed

It’s one of the cheesiest anti-oil PR campaigns I’ve seen: a “promoted” twitter account called @TheOilyBird, a snarky oil company h8r. Enviros and greenies retweet @TheOilyBird’s oil industry bashing, without bothering to look at its source. As it turns out, … Continue reading

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…and Athlete’s Abu’se Apostrophe’s.

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Democrats, Corruption … and Pie

Under normal circumstances, we might not notice when a small-state Democratic elected official resigns from office in disgrace. But in Martha Shoffner’s case, we’ll make an exception. Not out of schadenfreude, mind you, but an inquisitive exploration of the mind … Continue reading

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Secret IRS Obamacare Qualification Form Revealed!!

From deep within the bowels of America’s most beloved bureaucracy:

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Louisiana Inspires Reality TV Shows – In the past few years, there have been shows about Louisiana alligator trappers, exterminators, sheriffs, prisoners, brides, shrimpers, nutria hunters, mixed martial arts fighters, garbage collectors, “bad girls,” overnight millionaires, run-of-the-mill rednecks and pawnshop owners (about whom there are … Continue reading

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Kennedy, Unhinged

If you shut your eyes for just a moment while reading this latest HuffPo post by Robert Kennedy, Jr., you can almost hear the gobs of spittle smacking his monitor as he wrote. Continue reading

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