Greatest Hits

Memories of Katrina and W. Brooks – Katrina + 5 years. Tribute to Rena & Ernie and other Katrina survivors. (August 2010)

Antarctic Shrimp, Global Warming and the Laffer Curve – “This one’s about philosophy, science and chaotic systems.” (March 2010)

Mr. Maley Goes to Washington – Before Vladimir met his maker. (June 2010)

Obama/Salazar Moratorium Has Crippled Domestic Oil Production – 330,000 bopd in 2011, 550,000 bopd in 2012. (March 2011)

Shameless White House Takes Credit For Oil Production Increase – The title says it all. (March 2011)

The ‘Un’ versus The One – Kim Jong Un vs. Barack Obama (October 2010)

Energy 101 – Hydraulic Fracturing (January 2010)

The Climes They Are A-Changin’ – Climate Change through the ages, a stroll through the archives of The New York Times (February 2011)

Please Pray For The Missing Eleven – On the first reports of the Deepwater Horizon blowout and fire. (April 2010)

Why Was BP Drilling in 5,000 ft of Water? – On the BP spill, America’s thirst for oil, and lack of concern over its source. (April 2010)

Obama’s Oil Spill Dilemma – Our rookie president, and why the “boot on the neck” thing was a terrible idea. (May 2010)

A Little Perspective on the BP Spill – It was a big spill, as spills go, but the Gulf of Mexico is really, really big. (June 2010)

The Pro-Environment Anti-Environmentalist – Wondering why greenies have any credibility when their dire predictions are so wrong. (July 2010)

Five ‘Non-Voting Delegates’ Decide Obamoratorium – Still outraged over this one. (July 2010)

The BP Spill as a Black Swan Event – (July 2010)

CSI: Macondo – Oil well forensics. (August 2010)

NYTimes Blames Readers for Believing the Dreck It Prints – “Any one with a map should have known the spill wouldn’t affect southern Florida.” Oh, really? (October 2010)

Obama’s Soft-Headed Energy Policy – SOTU 2011 (January 2011)

Settling Accounts on Peak Oil – Spoiler alert: Matt Simmons lost, in more ways than one. (January 2011)

It’s a Strategy, Not a Conspiracy – Obama telegraphs his blows. (February 2011)

Government by Word Processor – ‘Should’ to ‘must’. (February 2011)

Energy Flow: Sources and Uses – A picture worth 1,000 words. (March 2011)

Oil Company Profits are the Solution, Not the Problem – (May 2011)

The Big Energy Lie, Revisited – (May 2011)

“Why Does My Gas Cost $4.00 Per Gallon?” – (May 2011)

For Peat’s Sake! World’s Largest Carbon Footprint Revealed! – On Indonesian peat fires, and the futility of trying to control CO2 emissions. (April 2007)


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