AAPL Responds to ‘Promised Land’

The AAPL is the American Association of Professional Landmen. I appreciate their desire for a measured and considered response, but they’d better hurry up. The movie is likely to be out of the theaters and available on DVD before AAPL clarifies their position.

AAPL response to the movie “Promised Land”

AAPL, 1/11/2013

We have been discussing the movie “Promised Land” since early December 2012 and the corrective actions that we at AAPL may wish to take in regard thereto.  Recently, we have received some inquiries  from our membership asking what AAPL is doing in response to the movie “Promised Land” which was released to a large number of theaters on Friday, January 4, 2013.  As most of you know, this movie depicts both landmen and the oil and gas industry as being unscrupulous, having a lack of morals, and with little to no regard for the environment.  As you may be aware, Hollywood film star Matt Damon plays the lead role as the landman.

In responding to this film that contains numerous factual errors, AAPL does not want to over reach or react too quickly so as to give the film more credence than it may already have.  Obviously, it is important that we always maintain professionalism and conduct ourselves in a manner worthy to be called landmen.

At AAPL, our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practices behoove us to get the truth out about our profession and the industry.  Therefore we are taking the following actions:

  1. We are joining with the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) in its Energy in Depth program ( www.energyindepth.com) which is a resource for the general public to understand the oil and gas industry and its professionals. We have been asked to contribute information on landmen, how we do business, the leasing process and to portray exactly what happens during this phase of the oil and gas industry.  A lot of this information is already available on our own public website ( www.americaslandman.com).  The AAPL will be a very important contributor and a sponsor to the Energy in Depth initiative.
  2. Further, we have asked our marketing firm, Pierpont, to develop ideas for a campaign to address this issue specifically for the AAPL across the country and especially in the major oil and gas producing areas. We will consider our options and then your Executive Committee will make a recommendation to the AAPL Board of Directors as to the manner in which to proceed.

We think it is important to understand in the world of marketing and publicity, speed is not always the best approach. Conversely, a measured response with factual information and a prudent message is much more important and that is what the AAPL plans to do.

Please know that the AAPL is on guard and watch and we will address this issue in the most appropriate and tangible way. We appreciate your concern and your interest. As we finalize our plans we will provide more data and information to you at a later date.


Jim Dewbre

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