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Fiscal Cliffs and Cocoa Puffs

In the old days, economic crises were organic events that reflected popular greed, economic instability and tangible fear. Speculative bubbles burst, bank depositors panicked and stock markets (and stockbrokers) plunged. No more. We have grown too sophisticated for all that. Our economy … Continue reading

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Actor Depardieu joins exodus of French wealthy fleeing 75% tax rates. #rsrh France’s most famous leading man, Gérard Depardieu, has joined the flight of France’s wealthy to less tax-heavy destinations, establishing his residency in the Belgian border town of Néchin. … His self-imposed exile will make him one of the highest-profile … Continue reading

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DPRK citizens urged to show loyalty with Kim Jong Il memorial offering — or else. NK Puts Out Sun’s Park Funding Call By Kim Kwang Jin The North Korean authorities have requested that people around the country show their sincerity and dedication to the regime by contributing to work on the latest of the … Continue reading

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NASA Nighttime Photos Show Drilling Rig Hot Spots

Large cities and major interstate highways are readily identifiable. But what’s going on in South Texas, West Texas and North Dakota? Baker-Hughes, a major service company, has an online rig locator. In the detail maps below, each blue triangle represents … Continue reading

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Incident on Carondelet in the CBD

It happened so fast. I did nothing to stop the kids or help the old man. It haunts me still. It was still light, a typical late summer evening, as the events unfolded. In 1980, I was working in downtown … Continue reading

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Boustany 61%, Landry 39% in LA-03 #rsrh|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE Boustany, R-Lafayette, and Landry, R-New Iberia, were forced in a runoff election after neither incumbent earned more than 50 percent of the vote during the Nov. 6 primary election. With 54 percent of the precincts reporting, Boustany had … Continue reading

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Is a Carbon Tax in our Future?

As folk wisdom tells us, “Where there’s smoke, there’s carbon emissions.” And where there are carbon emissions, there are internationalists hell-bent on hobbling the American economy in the name of Global Warming. Several recent signs: In 2010, the Treasury Department … Continue reading

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Big Push for Kim Jong Il Anniversary Atmosphere The North Korean authorities have begun to tighten up domestic security in the run-up to the 1st anniversary of the death of Kim Jong Il on December 17th, while also stepping up the domestic propaganda onslaught. A source from … Continue reading

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Lesser Prairie-Chicken May Join Threatened Species List From the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service: Once found in abundant numbers across much of the five states of Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, the lesser prairie-chickens’ historical range of native grasslands and prairies has been reduced … Continue reading

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Name the Oil-Friendly Governor #rsrh

“The exemptions from [environmental restrictions] are precisely what [the Governor] sought late in 2011 when he replaced two top officials in the state Conservation Department with appointees who agreed to ease environmental restrictions on energy companies. “In the months afterward, … Continue reading

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