Big Push for Kim Jong Il Anniversary Atmosphere

The North Korean authorities have begun to tighten up domestic security in the run-up to the 1st anniversary of the death of Kim Jong Il on December 17th, while also stepping up the domestic propaganda onslaught.

A source from Yangkang Province told Daily NK on the 2nd, “They have issued an order telling us that from December 1st we should avoid causing any trouble and must devote ourselves to our organizational life.”

“In other words, it means ‘don’t do anything that might run counter to the creation of a suitably mournful 1st anniversary atmosphere,’” she explained. …

According to a second source, North Korea’s upcoming long-range rocket launch is also part of the process of creating the correct atmosphere for the commemorative anniversary. …

Meanwhile, today’s six-page edition of the Chosun Workers’ Party publication Rodong Shinmun featured three pages of commemorative propaganda about Kim Jong Il’s life and work, including the words and sheet music to ‘The Song of General Kim Jong Il’ on the front page, and an article commemorating North Korea successfully becoming a nuclear-possessing state on page three.

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