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Ten Tunes for a Sunday Morning

Down With Disease, Phish Okayalright, moe. Hesitating Beauty, Billy Bragg & Wilco Houses on the Hill, Whiskeytown Airline to Heaven, Wilco When the Roses Bloom Again, Billy Bragg & Wilco (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace Love and Understanding, Elvis Costello … Continue reading

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Royalty: It’s Not Just for Royalty Anymore #fracking

A recent article in the New York Times considered disparity of income distribution in the U.S. An attached graphic, reproduced and annotated below, shows the income threshold to be in the top 1% of income earners, by county, in the … Continue reading

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Six Reasons Why I’m Less Afraid of President Donald Trump Than President Hillary Clinton

1. President Clinton would have a lapdog press. Not so President Donald Trump. Investigate journalists whose careers were inspired by Woodward and Bernstein have become jaded hacks and tools providing cover for the powerful. Clintonian prevarication has become a trait the … Continue reading

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If you believe #fracking causes Oklahoma earthquakes, then you should also believe that Islam causes terrorism.

Because both beliefs are founded in the same kind of sloppy, simplified guilt-by-association reasoning applied to a complex problem. has a decent, not perfect*, description of Oklahoma’s earthquake dilemma. Now, I’m a thousand miles away and only mildly educated … Continue reading

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“Tropical Storm Fabio” Dumped 7 Cubic Miles of Water on Louisiana

“Tropical Storm Fabio” because the news media pays attention to extreme weather only when it has a sexy name. H/T for the image below, which depicts the rainfall total from the recent storm, August 8-15, as estimated by NASA. Using Google … Continue reading

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The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels [Book Review]

We are hopelessly addicted to fossil fuels. Extraction and combustion of coal, natural gas and oil threaten the biosphere. Thanks to mankind’s greed and unwillingness to sacrifice,our Mad Max future promises only Global Warming, rising sea levels and a cataclysm of poverty and resource depletion. … Continue reading

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New Kid on the Block, Part II

(Part I is here.) After our move, my main memory of the days before school started can be summed up in one word: Woolco. All the cleaning supplies a newly-relocated family could possibly need were to be found at the … Continue reading

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New Kid on the Block, Part I

Goodbye to Opie and The Beav and the land where the deer and the antelope play. Continue reading

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My H.S. Football Story

As a junior, I played right guard (when I played, that is). We didn’t have fancy hand signals back in the day, so we shuttled plays in. I subbed in-and-out with another guy, based less on athletic ability than the … Continue reading

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Philip Rivkin Made $100 Million Using This Weird Trick! (It’s Probably On Your Desktop Now!) #RFS

This is a long read, so I’ll summarize: All Philip Rivkin needed to turn caca into $100 million was a fake biofuel plant on the Houston Ship Channel and a random number generator. Conventional oil refiners like ExxonMobil, Shell, and … Continue reading

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