.@Sen_JoeManchin for POTUS …

… or at least, for the Democratic nomination.

A serious, centrist Democrat should be able to make a play for the blue collar Dems who put Donald Trump in office.

Repudiation of the Green New Deal would not only differentiate his candidacy from the clown show of announced candidates, it would stake his claim as the only adult in the room.

Even if it is a position that is not currently popular with the Dem electorate, 15-20% sees through the B.S. In a field of 20 to 30, 15-20% could be a frontrunner.

Then there’s the issue of energy state Dems who will have no one else to vote for if the entire party embraces the Green New Deal.

A Manchin candidacy would at least give a voter like me a Democratic alternative. I do not consider the Green New Deal to be serious policy proposal. I will not consider any candidate who embraces it.

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  1. Mike DePriest says:

    Ditto that my friend

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