What Mitt Romney Tells Us About Impeachment and the Democrats

You’d think that if there were ever a Republican the Dems could work with it would be Mitt. Mitt is not a man of conviction.

But, if you recall, Mitt was destroyed by the Democrats in 2012. Because he rode around with a dog on his car 20 years ago. Because he had “binders full of women”.

This is not about Romney. Just as the impeachment is not so much about Trump.

Sure, Trump can be a lout, but any Republican candidate who denied Hillary Clinton her rightful victory in 2016 would have received this same treatment: spying, dirt-digging, vilification, and ultimately impeachment.

Presidents have a four-year term for one reason: Even the worst President can only do a limited amount of damage in four years, especially a Washington outsider.

This impeachment is nakedly political and unserious. It is a stunt to weaken certain GOP senators, weaken Trump as a candidate, and set the stage for another round if Trump should win again in 2020.

Which is really crazy to be talking about.

In a sane world, a party as big as the Democrats should have no trouble fielding a centrist candidate who could beat Trump 60-40.

As we have seen, that candidate doesn’t exist.

So the only strategy they have left is to sh*t in the well.

Mitt, it doesn’t matter that you voted against the President. All that matters is the R behind your name, even if lower case. You’re never going to be invited to lunch with the cool kids.

This impeachment process has done violence to American politics. I pray it is not permanent.

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2 Responses to What Mitt Romney Tells Us About Impeachment and the Democrats

  1. T-Bob Corvus says:

    By “cool kids” you’re referencing Jerry Nadler?

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