A Modest Proposal to Raise $1 Trillion

  1. Pass a law to require 320,000,000 Americans to purchase a banana and duct tape it to a wall.
    The market value of each has been established: $120,000. Some will be more, some less; $120K is a representative average of the duct-taped bananas that have cleared the market recently.
  2. Pass Elizabeth Warren’s tax on assets.
    3% would seem to be a fair rate. You just created something worth $120K from a banana and duct tape. What are you, greedy?
  3. Do the math. 
    OK, compliance won’t be 100%; we’ll assume 300 million duct-taped bananas. For some reason, not everyone wants a $120K banana duct taped to their wall. 300 millon x $3,600 each = $1.08 Trillion! Even if collecting the tax costs $80 billion, we still have a cool $1 Trillion  for the U.S. Treasury.
  4. And that’s not even counting the economic impact of the sale of 300 million bananas.

You’re welcome.


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1 Response to A Modest Proposal to Raise $1 Trillion

  1. Steve Maley says:

    Q: How will the average American handle their tax liability?
    A: Sell on the open market, naturally.

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