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AAPL Responds to ‘Promised Land’

The AAPL is the American Association of Professional Landmen. I appreciate their desire for a measured and considered response, but they’d better hurry up. The movie is likely to be out of the theaters and available on DVD before AAPL … Continue reading

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Women on bikes ‘contrary to socialist morals’, banned in N. Korea. #rsrh

Finally some common sense from the socialist paradise that is the DPRK. (That’s sarcasm, BTW.) “…“Before the ban was lifted last year, if a woman was caught riding a bicycle she was fined just a bit of money, no … Continue reading

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Fact Checking Matt Damon’s ‘Promised Land’

I wasted $7.75 on Hollywood’s latest anti-fracking agitprop “Promised Land” (1) so you won’t have to. You can read movie reviews elsewhere. From what I’ve seen, they’ve been rather lukewarm. And in its first weekend of nationwide distribution, audience response … Continue reading

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Gallery of Steve Maleys

My name is not all that common. But quite a few Steve Maleys show up on Google Images. Some of them are Stevens, like me, while others spell their first name “Stephen”. One of them is Steve Mealey. Some are … Continue reading

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Climate Change, Climate Skeptics and Climate Fools

Under eleven grafs of organic compost, the NYT Green Blog buries its discomfiting lede: unless we’re willing to get serious about nuclear energy, it’s all just talk. Continue reading

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Deepwater Horizon Owner In $1.4 B Settlement Over BP Oil Spill – NYT #rsrh Oil Rig’s Owner Will Settle Gulf Spill Case for $1.4 Billion By JOHN SCHWARTZ “While this settlement resolves the government’s claims against Transocean, that company and the others involved in the spill still face the sprawling, multistate civil case, … Continue reading

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Thank You Very Much: Cochon ‘Elvis’ King Cake features peanut butter, bananas & bacon. #rsrh

“The king behind Cochon Butcher’s king cake isn’t the one we usually associate with the Mardi Gras pastry. “This one’s a little more rock ’n’ roll. “For Mardi Gras, the restaurant at 930 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, will serve an … Continue reading

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