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DPRK Tough Talk: ‘Belated regret will be useless and not a single man will be able to survive to regret for his doing.’

April 11. 2013 Juch 102 CPRK Warns US, S. Korea Not to Make Misjudgment Pyongyang, April 11 (KCNA) — The Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) released information bulletin No. 1029 Thursday. … The arrows … Continue reading


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Women on bikes ‘contrary to socialist morals’, banned in N. Korea. #rsrh

Finally some common sense from the socialist paradise that is the DPRK. (That’s sarcasm, BTW.) “…“Before the ban was lifted last year, if a woman was caught riding a bicycle she was fined just a bit of money, no … Continue reading

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Ex-DPRK Army Boss Lee still recovering from removal-from-office injuries. #rsrh

Apparently Lee Young Ho slipped on a banana peel on while leaving the office. Or sustained a nasty paper cut while collecting his files. Daily NK – Lee Young Ho in Hamkyung Sanitarium “According to new information, former Chosun People’s … Continue reading

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Is there a Kim Jong-Bun in the oven? Rumor that Ri Sol Joo has “fallen pregnant”. #rsrh #dprk

Ri Appears as Pregnancy Gains Credence “Ri Sol Joo, the wife of Kim Jong Eun, has appeared in the North Korean state media for the first time in 50 days. … “It was the first time since September 8th that … Continue reading

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North Korea Declares “Quasi-State of War” #rsrh

Daily NK – North in Nationwide Quasi-State of War The North Korean authorities have declared a quasi-state of war this morning, according to sources inside the country. … The period roughly matches that of South Korea’s ‘Hoguk’ military exercises, which … Continue reading

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Bean Baby Fart Captain: Poo! Poo! Rejected name: Hello, Shitty!

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‘You Didn’t Earn That’: N. Korean Olympic Victors Credit Kim Jong Un #rsrh

Medal Speeches ‘Nearly Identical’ The acceptance speeches by An Gum Ae, a judoka who won North Korea’s first gold medal, Om Yun Chol, a North Korean weightlifter who won gold setting a world record, and Kim Un Guk, another … Continue reading

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Olympics #Fail: N. Korean women’s soccer player introduced under S. Korean flag. #Hilarityensues

GLASGOW, Scotland [via HuffPo] — London Olympic organizers mistakenly displayed the South Korean flag on a jumbo screen instead of North Korea’s before a women’s soccer match Wednesday, prompting the North Koreans to refuse to take the field for nearly … Continue reading

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Happy Golden Wedding Bells, Mr and Mrs Kim Jong-Un! #dprk #rsrh #abdicate

North Korea leader Kim Jong-un married to Ri Sol-ju Ms Ri is thought to be the same "mystery woman" who accompanied Mr Kim to several events in recent weeks and whose Western dress and hairstyle led some to speculate on … Continue reading

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Who Cut the Kim Chees? #dprk #rsrh

AFP/Getty Images North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un (L) looks at President of the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly of North Korea Kim Yong-nam (R) during a military parade. There are unconfirmed rumors about Kim Jong Un’s plans for his … Continue reading

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