Bain Kryptonite

Don’t be silly. Mitt Romney’s not a superhero (not mine, anyway).

But when it comes to the economy, the presumptive Republican nominee is the Man of Steel compared to the Democratic incumbent.  So far, the Obama Administration has been a 3-1/2 year experiment to reconfirm that Keynesian Economics is deserving of history’s dustbin.

To the weavers of a narrative, invulnerability is a real problem. Ask the creators of Superman.  They needed a plot device to trump the advantage of an infinitely powerful character. The plot device need not be explained by the laws of physics or the natural world; rather it is the MacGuffin by which the reader actively suspends disbelief for the sake of the narrative.  The exchange goes something like this:

Reader: I’m willing to believe that Superman threw the moon past Pluto, dove to the center of the Sun and then flew backwards around the Earth faster than the speed of light to turn back time. How am I to believe he is captive in Lex Luthor’s laboratory?

DC Comics writer: Kryptonite!

Reader: That makes sense.

In much the same way, Obama’s storytellers, fabulists and propagandists would engage the electorate.

Undecided voter: Obama told me he could turn around the economy with massive government borrowing and spending. But a lot of the Jobs Created and Saved have already been Lost again. He’s wasted money on a cockamamie Green Jobs program, and a lot of those jobs are overseas. Unemployment is higher than the worst projections of the “do nothing” case, and they’re that low only because people are leaving the workforce in droves. He seems to have no faith in market-based solutions, and seems more focused on regulating and punishing job creators than in turning the economy loose. What about Mitt Romney?

Obama campaign/News media: Bain Capital!

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1 Response to Bain Kryptonite

  1. thom gillespie says:

    Romney has been running against this ad since the time of Teddy Kennedy ( In most cases he loses to this ad over and over so the fact that they came unprepared to this fight is an indication of how a Romney administration would ‘anticipate’ in the White House. But, the file to this gumbo is going to be the off-shore accounts. Romney is now no-man’s land with this one, an absolute rock and a hard place. Romney can not afford to do what his dad did and release 12 years of taxes because that gives the media a chance to examine in detail 1999 to 2002, when he makes believe he had nothing to do with Bain other than banking millions in profit, or current tax returns which should indicate where and how much has has stashed ‘off-shore.’ The ‘off-shore’ metaphor is killing him coming and going but all due to his doings.

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