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Vermont Bans Fracking; CNN: What the Heck is Fracking?

Vermont is not an oil and gas state. Check that. Vermont is not an oil and gas producing state. According to the state geologist’s website, a total of six wells have been drilled targeting oil and gas since the Green … Continue reading

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About those undrilled oil and gas leases…

This week, President Obama and Interior Secretary Salazar returned to familiar territory, once again chastising energy companies for maintaining an inventory of undrilled Federal leases. Obama challenges oil companies to drill existing leases WASHINGTON – The White House on Tuesday … Continue reading

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The Teachers’ Union Shop Steward? #rsrh

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The Most Ludicrous Graph of the Month

Obama’s energy policies are a key vulnerability in the November elections, which has his staff scrambling to make it look like he’s actually done something to support domestic energy production. Since neither he nor anyone in his Administration knows the … Continue reading

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Obama’s All-of-the-Above Energy Strategy is Evolving, Too. #rsrh

As seen on, “Clean Coal” is a late entrant in President Obama’s so-called All-of-the-Above energy strategy. He’s not seriously interested in promoting coal as an energy source, despite the fact that it currently provides most of our electricity. And … Continue reading

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Kim Jong-Un: Pyongyang amusement park “like, totally sucks.” #rsrh

I feel a little guilty having fun with this article, knowing that several dozen disgraced workers of Mangyongdae Funfair are looking at internment of several years over their failure to keep an insufficiently “serious” amusement park. Besides, I thought half-brother … Continue reading

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Tax Code Tweak Might Make CNG for Vehicles More Available

Rep. William Cassidy (R-LA) common-sense approach to increasing the role of natural gas as a vehicle fuel, without the grandiose involvement of the Federal government. Unlike the Pickens Plan, this plan does not rely on massive government subsidies or direct … Continue reading

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Three of these things are not like the others

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“God Bless Our Troops . . . “

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Post-Mortem for the Ethanol Tax Credit

A couple of weeks back, my boss asked a question that I could not immediately answer: The ethanol tax credit expired on December 31. The price of ethanol should have gone up afterward. Did it? How much has that affected … Continue reading

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