Obamacare’s Intended Consequences

Saying “we fumbled the rollout,” President Barack Obama announced a fix to the vexing problem of canceled health insurance policies Thursday. He told insurers they don’t have to cancel plans next year just because of the Affordable Care Act. (Source.)

It should be obvious to any intelligent being, or even an MSNBC talking head, how this plays out.

Step 1. Obama unilaterally rolled back a provision of the Affordable Care Act (“the law of the land”, last I checked). I’ll leave the analysis of the constitutionality of this act to the (real) constitutional scholars.

Step 2. The insurance companies refuse to offer their old products. They have moved on. I’d expect Ford to bring back the Pinto before the insurance companies remarket a product that has been government-certified as ‘crap’. (For more on why this is the case, RedState’s Leon Wolf provides chapter and verse.)

Step 3. Obama: “Don’t blame me. I said you could buy your old policy, but your nasty old insurance company won’t sell it to you.”

Our system cannot tolerate a Chief Executive who will not accept responsibility, and a national press which refuses to hold him accountable.

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