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President Obama, Dr. Steven Chu and Their Fracking Whopper

…[It] was public research dollars, over the course of thirty years, that helped develop the technologies to extract all this natural gas out of shale rock – reminding us that Government support is critical in helping businesses get new energy … Continue reading

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Purple squirrels in PA? Blame #fracking! #rsrh #natgas

Pennsylvania’s purple squirrel a rainbow-colored riddle [Strange events formerly attributed to Global Warming are now attributed to fracking. Well, that’s progress, I guess. H/T Cheri. – Ed.] A bright purple squirrel trapped by a Pennsylvania couple has experts offering all … Continue reading

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Ray Nagin targeted in federal grand jury probe. #rsrh

From the Times-Picayune: A federal grand jury is investigating whether city vendors gave former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin gratuities ranging from plane tickets to materials and equipment for his family’s granite-countertop business and also helped the firm land an … Continue reading

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Conservationists oppose PA’s largest solar farm. #rsrh

As we’ve pointed out before, It’s Not Easy Going Green … A solar farm’s slow going When Bob Keares proposed building Pennsylvania’s largest solar farm in the heart of Chester County, he expected a warm reception, certainly from environmentalists. With … Continue reading

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Drilling Chukchi Sea, and not drilling ANWR, is insane. #rsrh

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale…

Around here, we have a word that aptly describes shale formations: ubitquitious. (sic) Every conventional oil and gas basin must have a hydrocarbon source, and that source is a shale. And since shales are low in permeability, we’re finding that … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: FrackNation

Phelim McAleer and his wife Ann McElhinney are journalists and documentary filmmakers. You may remember Not Evil Just Wrong (2009), their takedown of Al Gore and Global Warming hysteria. Now they want to tell the truth about natural gas development … Continue reading

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Dirty Sexy Fracking Money. #rsrh

H/T Steve Milloy at From 2007 until 2010, Chesapeake Energy and its employees donated $26 million to the Sierra Club for the purpose of conducting an anti-coal campaign. Then the Sierra Club decided natural gas is bad, and rejected … Continue reading

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Federal Government Opens More Ocean to Wind Projects. #rsrh #unicornflatus

NYTimes Green blog: Federal Government Opens More Ocean to Wind Projects “With the right investment and the right timing, Atlantic wind can help power cities from Baltimore to Boston and Savannah, creating tens of thousands of manufacturing and engineering jobs,” … Continue reading

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SpOILed, the Movie. #rsrh

Appearances by Robert Bryce, the late Matt Simmons, and the irrepressible Michael J. Economides: Do they lie, or do they believe in their own wishful thinking? Either way, it’s not very pretty. H/T BigHollywood.

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