Purple squirrels in PA? Blame #fracking! #rsrh #natgas

Pennsylvania’s purple squirrel a rainbow-colored riddle Image

[Strange events formerly attributed to Global Warming are now attributed to fracking. Well, that’s progress, I guess. H/T Cheri. – Ed.]

A bright purple squirrel trapped by a Pennsylvania couple has experts offering all sorts of theories — but no concrete answers.

Percy and Connie Emert from Jersey Shore, Pa., trapped the brightly colored creature while trying to keep the birds safe in their backyard feeder, reported Accuweather.com. They told the weather service they had no explanation for the rodent’s deep purple color. …

When asked about the suggestions by some people in online forums of the potential impact of fracking fluid, Kacprzyk said the composition of such fluids in Pennsylvania wasn’t known. “My guess there is if you don’t know something, is that there’s no scientific proof to that. … I would find it amazing that it had that kind of effect,” he said.

Wait a second! Jersey Shore? Squirrels in unnatural colors? This sounds like a job for…


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