Conservationists oppose PA’s largest solar farm. #rsrh

As we’ve pointed out before, It’s Not Easy Going Green …

A solar farm’s slow going

When Bob Keares proposed building Pennsylvania’s largest solar farm in the heart of Chester County, he expected a warm reception, certainly from environmentalists.

With 35,000 panels arrayed on a steep slope in Caln Township, the farm would generate 10 megawatts of energy, pollution-free. It could power 2,000 homes, he asserted, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 200,000 tons over 40 years – equivalent to planting eight million trees. …

Since announcing his intentions last February, Keares has been confronted by the expected cadre of opponents from the neighborhood, but also some he never unexpected: environmentalists.

The Brandywine Conservancy, one of the region’s leading land preservation groups, has come out against his Coatesville Solar Initiative.

Turning the 46-acre forested tract into a field of panels – rising as high as 9 feet, and set in rows 12 feet apart – could dangerously increase storm-water runoff, the conservancy contends, and destroy vital wildlife habitat.

“We love solar energy. We love wind energy. It’s just that it’s a high price to pay to rip out these natural areas,” said Wesley R. Horner, senior adviser for water resources.

“Solar’s a great idea. But it’s got to be put in the right place.”

H/T somebody on twitter… Ah! I remember it was @NYShaleGasNow

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1 Response to Conservationists oppose PA’s largest solar farm. #rsrh

  1. Leftists aren’t for “green energy”, they’re for NO energy. No leg-shaving or eyebrow-plucking, either.

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