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NYTimes OpEd: ‘Is the Oil Boom a Mirage?’ Ummmmm. No.

In a New York Times OpEd (Sept. 4, 2012), Old Dominion political science professor Steve Yetiv poses the question: : “Is the Energy Boom a Mirage?”

My answer: “Not no, but Hell, No!”

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Rep. Jeff Semon (R CAND MA-05), the RedState Interview

Jeff is running against Rep. Ed Markey, 18-term incumbent and a big part of the problem with Congress.

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@yokoono, Sean Lennon & Jimmy Fallon rip off Bob Dylan in ‘Don’t Frack My Mother’. Really. #rsrh

H/T Steve Everley Skip to about 6:20. “Yoko is a supreme intellectual!” Definitely NSFW. Remember those fabulous ’70s?

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Obama to Super Bowl Champs: ‘You Didn’t Build That’

No, of course he didn’t say that. But what if he had? And why is it any less appropriate to tell a sports hero that than a small business owner? Imagine for a moment an alternate universe where the President … Continue reading

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Echoes of the Past Continue reading

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Bain Kryptonite

Don’t be silly. Mitt Romney’s not a superhero (not mine, anyway). But when it comes to the economy, the presumptive Republican nominee is the Man of Steel compared to the Democratic incumbent. ┬áSo far, the Obama Administration has been a … Continue reading

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A Recipe for the Pursuit of Happiness

Arthur C. Brooks of the American Enterprise Institute penned a July 7 New York Times op-ed, “Why Conservatives Are Happier Than Liberals”. Many conservatives favor an explanation focusing on lifestyle differences, such as marriage and faith. They note that most … Continue reading

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‘The End of Democracy as We Know It!’ (G_d Willing.)

The Left claims that the GOP stole the Wisconsin election because they outspent the Dems by eleventy bazillion dollars. That’s how the union bosses, the Occupiers and the party leadership rationalize Tuesday’s failure. They don’t dare accept the notion that … Continue reading

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Solyndra:Obama::Konarka:Romney? Hardly.

In a move that they’ll surely regret, the Obama campaign has called attention to a “green energy” loan to Konarka Power Plastic of Lowell, MA firm while Mitt Romney was governor. They have accused Romney of hypocrisy in his criticism … Continue reading

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The Most Ludicrous Graph of the Month

Obama’s energy policies are a key vulnerability in the November elections, which has his staff scrambling to make it look like he’s actually done something to support domestic energy production. Since neither he nor anyone in his Administration knows the … Continue reading

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