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Sprechen Sie “Green Energy”? ¡No Más!

Consider the Green Energy experiments of Spain, Germany and Australia: Why would any thinking person embark down that same road? Continue reading

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Climate Change, Climate Skeptics and Climate Fools

Under eleven grafs of organic compost, the NYT Green Blog buries its discomfiting lede: unless we’re willing to get serious about nuclear energy, it’s all just talk. Continue reading

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‘Eco-Taxes’ Planned for a Second Obama Term?

The issue of Climate Change has been a no-show in the 2012 election cycle; one would think that ManBearPig had been named an endangered species. But a two-year study commisioned by Barack Obama’s Treasury Department will recommend ways to “green” … Continue reading

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Obama to Super Bowl Champs: ‘You Didn’t Build That’

No, of course he didn’t say that. But what if he had? And why is it any less appropriate to tell a sports hero that than a small business owner? Imagine for a moment an alternate universe where the President … Continue reading

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Deconstructing the American Dream

I sat down this morning to write about teachers and bridges, about motivation and inspiration. Upon rereading the President’s Roanoke remarks, however, my focus shifted away from my planned topic of entrepreneurial outrage (“You didn’t build that!”). Reading deeper, a … Continue reading

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There’s sand in them thar hills! #rsrh

Frac sand boom creates prosperity, shovel-ready jobs, and “sand millionaires” in America’s sandbox, but generates controversy – AEIdeas “I spent the weekend along the Mississippi River in Buffalo City, Wisconsin, about 120 miles south of Minneapolis-St. Paul (across the river … Continue reading

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Chart of the Day: Coal- and natural gas-fired generation equal for first time in April 2012 #rsrh

Monthly coal- and natural gas-fired generation equal for first time in April 2012 Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration Recently published electric power data show that, for the first time since EIA began collecting the data, generation from natural gas-fired plants … Continue reading

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Post-Mortem for the Ethanol Tax Credit

A couple of weeks back, my boss asked a question that I could not immediately answer: The ethanol tax credit expired on December 31. The price of ethanol should have gone up afterward. Did it? How much has that affected … Continue reading

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Shorter Krugman: $15B Big Dig was worth it because it saved me $5 in cab fare. #rsrh “The Big Dig is often treated as a cautionary tale of delays and cost overruns, and I have no idea how the cost-benefit analysis looks in retrospect. And I’m in general skeptical about highway expansions. But there sure have … Continue reading

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A Little Perspective, Please.

Exxon’s top exec got a 17pct. pay raise in 2011 Exxon Mobil gave its top executive a 17 percent increase in compensation last year, as the oil giant posted one of its most profitable years on record. Rex Tillerson, 60, … Continue reading

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