We’ve Been Worried About the Wrong Sickness

  1. President Trump – Enough with the tweets, enough with the tough guy act. Our country needs a leader now more than ever. We don’t need another blue-ribbon commission or task force. The peaceful protesters need to feel that justice will be done. Right now, they need evidence that their voice is heard.
  2. You are correct to designate ANTIFA as a terrorist organization. To the extent there are Proud Boys or other extremist groups involved in the violence, they deserve the same designation. These groups may not have an org chart, but they have organization, communication, coordination, and funding. Root it out.
  3. What I know about urban policing I’ve picked up from watching “Blue Bloods”, but I can’t help feeling that police unions and cop culture are a big part of the problem. The alleged bad actor in this case had been reported 18 times for excessive force. Is that typical? Three other cops watched as he kneeled on a cuffed and incapacitated suspect. If what we’re down to is thugs in blue protecting us from thugs in black, we’re toast.
  4. Face masks and distancing have robbed our society of the humanity it had left. Count me out. We need handshakes. We need hugs. We need smiles and affirmation. We need to protect our old folks and get on with our lives.
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