Contemplating President Joe Biden

On Election Day, November 3, 2020, Joe Biden will be 2-1/2 weeks short of his 78th birthday: the exact age, to the day, as President Ronald Reagan on his last day in office.

Donald Trump, at 70, was the oldest President in history upon his first inaugural. He would achieve the age of 78 a few months before the end of his second term.

We’ve all seen Biden’s videos. Troubling. Even in comfortable settings, faced with the softest of softball questions, Biden stumbles, fumbles, stammers, wanders off-camera, and loses his train of thought.

Now, if you will …

  • Imagine a Biden State of the Union. Oof.
  • Imagine Biden with the passcodes for the nuclear football.
  • Imagine Biden in a time of true national crisis, like a 9/11, a Katrina, or a pandemic.

That scares the holy bejeezus out of me. Now …

  • Imagine a Biden vs Trump debate. There will be three.

That’s gotta scare the holy bejeezus out of the DNC.

It’s a long time from now until the Democratic Convention in August. My gut says there will be some compelling reason for Joe to step aside, to be lauded for a lifetime of service to his country. He’ll be replaced by acclamation, by a candidate with no delegates who has sidestepped the primary circus process.

But if I’m wrong, Joe’s choice of VP candidate matters. A lot.

The Constitution will also matter. Especially Amendment #25, Section 4.

God help us.

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