In the end, #NeverHillary wins.

We focus too much on the personality of the candidates. The office of the President of the United States is bigger than one person. The election of Hillary Clinton would mean the empowerment of a clique nearly 40 years in the making. Donald Trump may have a circle of hangers-on but no entrenched power structure in Washington, and that’s a good thing.

Hillary Clinton and those who surround her know the levers of government. Donald Trump’s inner circle will take six months to find all the bathrooms in the West Wing.

News item: Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik alerted Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta concerning the Department of Justice’s inquiry into Hillary’s email server.

News item:

So now we learn that the political backers of a longtime Clinton crony and fixer, Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe, made $675,000 in cash and in-kind contributions to the election campaign of the wife of the FBI official who later ran the investigation of Mrs. Clinton.

As the Wall Street Journal reports, the contributions went to the 2015 Virginia state senate campaign of Dr. Jill McCabe, the wife of then-associate-deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe. … Andrew McCabe was [subsequently] promoted to deputy director, a role in which he assumed oversight of the Clinton e-mail investigation. [Link in original requires subscription.]

$675,000 for a longshot underdog in a state senate race? For a newbie candidate whose husband just happens to be associate FBI director, for crying out loud?! No way that passes the smell test.

Congress, whether Democrat or Republican, will not be afraid of a President Trump.

A President Trump would have an adversarial press corps. The loudest voices in the press now operate as a de facto PR arm of the DNC, specifically the Clinton machine.

Under a President Trump, the checks and balances built into our system of constitutional government would have a chance to work. Hillary’s email server was designed to thwart those checks and balances, including legitimate congressional oversight and FOIA.

My contemporaries and I came into political awareness during the Nixon Administration. We’ve seen that an unchecked executive surrounded by amoral power-seeking sycophants corrupts and destroys the system. That can happen again, no matter whether the President has an R or a D behind his or her name. As voters and citizens, we must pay attention to the signs and prevent it from happening.

The parallels with Watergate are strong. The DOJ and IRS are already more politicized than ever. A President Clinton’s top priority will be covering tracks, covering asses, and eliminating all opposition.

For weeks, I thought I would vote for Evan McMullin because of philosophical alignment and as a protest vote. He’s on the ballot here in Louisiana, and LA will be solid for Trump, so it would be a safe vote. I have no argument with McMullin voters.

In the end, though, #NeverHillary wins my vote. I’ve bought the Rocky Road ice cream, and I pray to God Almighty that it doesn’t turn out to be dog sh*t.

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