Help launch ‘Tar Sands Messiah’- A film by Tim Moen

Watts Up With That?

Tar Sands Messiah- A film by Tim Moen – September 19th

In which a Fort McMurray environmentalist goes to Los Angeles to render judgement on the movie industry and shut down the city for its crimes against the environment and teach them the more productive, eco-friendly ways of his people. Along the way he will bring them his own technology ie. the “Smart Car” of dog sledding so they may rid themselves of internal combustion engines, a carbon capture device for joggers so that their excess CO2 emissions need not contribute to global warming.

A satirical movie with a serious message; is demonizing, condescension and hypocrisy the way to solve problems?

tarsands-messiahWho is Tim Moen?

Tim Moen is a filmmaker and proud resident of Fort McMurray, AB in the heart of the Canadian Oil Sands. Over the past decade Tim has filmed around the world in places like Africa and…

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