Slate: Conservatives are Dumb

You’ll not have a more vapid read this week than this piece of mush by young Katy Waldman at Slate. “The Science of Truthiness” purports to unlock the mystery of conservative thought; its essence is in Stephen Colbert’s coinage of that word, and its suggestion that so-called Progressives are the True Thinking People. Conservatism is built on those primal beliefs you find after three beers with the guys. Or something.

Well, I’ve got news. I know people who imagine themselves to be Young, Urban Progressives who can’t support what they believe with anything other than platitudes. Who don’t know what they believe about an issue until they are told by CNN, MSNBC, the broadcast networks or the New York Times. Or, more commonly, by Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert or Slate.

But which side has historically used these phrases as proxies for rational thought?
“Make Love, Not War”
“No Blood for Oil”
“It’s a Woman’s Choice”
“Hope and Change”
“Give Peace a Chance”
“Koch Brothers”

Let’s not forget the persuasive power of the rhyme, developed by The Rev. Jesse Jackson and Johnnie Cochrane to a high art form. “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit!” And a murderer walked free.

Then there’s this winner, straight from Abita Springs, LA:

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