R.I.P. Murray Hawkins, Jr.

Craft & Hawkins is the classic text of reservoir engineering.

C&HFor some reason, my reservoir prof at OU (in his first year)  required us to buy a different text, but 100% of the assigned homework was from Craft & Hawkins. The table of contents practically served as the course syllabus. I had to borrow a copy of C&H to make it through his class.

I think I’ve bought two copies over the years (one for home and one for the office), and still refer to them on occasion.

His life-long career and dedication to higher education began when he joined the LSU Department of Petroleum Engineering in 1946. He was a professor of petroleum engineering and director of the LSU Geology Camp in Colorado for many years. He served as head of the Petroleum Engineering Department from 1964 until he retired in 1977 as Professor Emeritus. During his more than 30 years at the university, he had a deep and lasting influence on generations of students and professors who have served important roles in the petroleum industry throughout the world. He also played a significant role in developing the LSU Department of Petroleum Engineering into one of the leading departments in the world. In 1998, alumni were instrumental in having the department that he helped to develop named the “Craft and Hawkins Department of Petroleum Engineering.”

Professor Hawkins was a member of a number of professional and honorary organizations and the author of numerous technical publications. His best known work is the world-renowned textbook Applied Petroleum Reservoir Engineering that he co-authored with his friend and mentor B.C. Craft, Sr. This text has been continuously in print and widely used for over 50 years. It has been translated into many languages, including Spanish, Russian and Chinese, to serve the petroleum industry. The publisher, Prentice-Hall Inc., noted that “such a record of success is exceedingly rare in the publishing business.”


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