Farmers & Fracknation filmmakers barred from Gasland 2 screening in NYC. #rsrh

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3 Responses to Farmers & Fracknation filmmakers barred from Gasland 2 screening in NYC. #rsrh

  1. It becomes painfully obvious that you do not live in an area where the shale gas boom is taking place. I do. I live in the southern most part of NY state. Horizontal drilling is being done in neighboring PA (the Marcellus Shale) and the problems they’re having are mirad. NY is not allowing gas drilling at present but it is probably just a matter of time because those who own property over the Marcellous are greedy for the money and not learning from the problems of our neighbor.

    Water wells have been contaminated, the roads and the earth is being raped. No one has any clue of what future problem will result from removing the gas and pumping the land full of chemicals (which the companies won’t disclose). Runoff pollutes rivers, lakes and streams, sometimes companies just dump their tailings on nearby properties or alongside rural roads.

    The men doing the work are not local and frequently behave like old time cowboys after a long cattle drive. They fight, murders have taken place, they are filthy, crude and crude.

    But the greatest concern is the earth. No one really knows about the negative effects this fracking will have on the integrity of the earth!

    • Steve Maley says:

      But I do know that Josh Fox’s films are full of lies, fearmongering and propaganda. And he’s not too hip on being exposed, as the above video demonstrates.

    • Greg Roane (Yoyo) says:

      I do not presently live in the area of the shale boom, although I was raised there and still have family there as well [North Central (Weston-Buckhannon-Elkins Corridor) West Virginia – aka “Dirty” Bituminous Coal country]. After the coal bust in the early-late 80’s, gas wells began popping up all over – and not once did we encounter ANY of the issues you allude to in your critique of the current environment. (And that is odd, considering we are so much more advanced and civilized in today’s culture compared to those dark-ages before the internet and cell phones, you would have thought THOSE brutes that did all that drilling and raping and dis-integritizing(?) the earth would have been so much the worse than the nuanced sort today.) But I digress: Go here:,-80.009265&spn=0.026144,0.055575&t=h&z=15 This is a map of the surrounding area where I grew up in WV. I lived near the intersection of Fair Hope Road and Buckhannon Pike. Notice all the green? Each little tadpole-looking squiggly is a gas well. Within 10,000 feet in any direction of my childhood home, there are no less than 40 gas wells in operation. Not one murder. No raped earth. No ruined drinking wells. Some of the BEST Native Brook Trout fishing in the state. And free heat and AC for the owners of the property from which the wells were drilled – FOREVER – as well as a monthly royalty check. No crude, crude, crude cowboys (although I bet we were not a sensitive as you) stinking up the place. As a matter of fact, the roads in and out of the wells are some of the best ways to access some of the more remote areas.
      I grew up on a 14 acre farm. Small. Very small – considering. How energy rich is the area? I remember as a child, going out with a pick-axe and digging – literally – coal out of the field for the winter. My grandfather was a miner, all of my uncles were miners, my neighbors were miners, and their grandfathers were miners. Now, they aren’t. They are loggers, road construction workers, strip-miners, sawmill workers, gas well drillers and maintainers, or simply unemployed. But what they are not are cowboys, murderers, brawlers, thieves, or …. miscreants. Although, some are crude – I bet they could give a crap about your sensibilities – yet they are not so rude as to suggest anyone “not local” are “crude, crude, crude.”

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