Qatari tankers sail to the rescue of Britain’s gas supply crisis #rsrh #ClimateChange

“Britain’s rapidly dwindling gas supplies will be boosted by the arrival of a giant tanker from the Arabian Gulf tomorrow, as the unseasonably severe March weather continues to place increasing demands on the National Grid. …

“The continuing wintry weather had depleted gas reserves to about 10 per cent of capacity – enough to supply the country for just 36 hours. Stored gas is used as a back-up, so low reserves do not mean an imminent blackout. The Government has insisted gas supplies will not run out despite the extended cold snap. The Energy minister, John Hayes, has admitted that storage levels are low and has also told the National Grid to increase the flow of gas from Norway and the North Sea.

“The country is currently working at 40 per cent above its usual gas capacity for this time of year and the price of gas hit record levels of 150p per therm (100 cubic metres) on Friday after a key pipeline between the UK and Belgium temporarily broke down. …

“There will be little respite from freezing temperatures anywhere today, although any snow showers will be mainly light and confined to the eastern and central UK, according to the Met Office. But unsettled conditions are likely to return over the Easter weekend, with rain possibly preceded by heavy snow – cutting the odds on a first white Easter since 2008.”

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