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#BPSpill to get Big Screen treatment in ‘Deepwater Horizon’. #rsrh || Starring Kim Kardashian as “The Toolpusher”??

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Former OK state Sen. Gene Stipe dead at 85 | Tulsa World

How can you write an article about a man who served 53 years in the legislature and not name the party? Stipe was an old time corruptocrat whose empire extended over most of SE Oklahoma, a/k/a Little Dixie. An abstractor … Continue reading

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Deconstructing the American Dream

I sat down this morning to write about teachers and bridges, about motivation and inspiration. Upon rereading the President’s Roanoke remarks, however, my focus shifted away from my planned topic of entrepreneurial outrage (“You didn’t build that!”). Reading deeper, a … Continue reading

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Who Cut the Kim Chees? #dprk #rsrh

AFP/Getty Images North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un (L) looks at President of the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly of North Korea Kim Yong-nam (R) during a military parade. There are unconfirmed rumors about Kim Jong Un’s plans for his … Continue reading

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Echoes of the Past Continue reading

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Grand Jury indicts Lavergne for Shunick murder plus 1 cold case from 1999

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I Do Not Like It, Uncle Sam! I Do Not Like Your Clean Green Scam!

With apologies to Theodore Geisel Will government ever learn? Every time they try to fool the market with some cockamamie attempt at central planning, they create a discontinuity in the market. These discontinuities can often be exploited for gain. That’s … Continue reading

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The Grascals @ The Manship Theater

July 17, 2012

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There’s sand in them thar hills! #rsrh

Frac sand boom creates prosperity, shovel-ready jobs, and “sand millionaires” in America’s sandbox, but generates controversy – AEIdeas “I spent the weekend along the Mississippi River in Buffalo City, Wisconsin, about 120 miles south of Minneapolis-St. Paul (across the river … Continue reading

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Mrs. Kim Jong Un? #rsrh

Daily NK – Kim ‘Wife’ Mystery Deepens “Yesterday, scenes of the two visiting a kindergarten were broadcast, although again the woman was not mentioned in the narration. However, not only her presence but her prominent position in the images … Continue reading

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