‘Downtown D.C. is lousy with people who give a sh*t about fracking’

Truer words may never have been spoken.

Anti-fracking Video Link


Chant: “The water! The water! The water’s on fire! We don’t need no fracking, let the corporations burn!”

Chant: “Hey frackers! Get off it! The people over profits!”

“With this weather, that smelly hippies thing may not be far from the truth.”

I hope they had that A/C cranking at home so they could cool off when they got home.

Poor little soft-headed geeks. They’re opposed to fracking in Delaware and Idaho, of all places.

The narrator says he got a call from an OfA fundraiser during a field visit to PA to see “fracking wells” and “compressor tanks”. He was excited about the opportunity to share his feelings on Obama’s energy policy with the caller a report from anti-fracking ground zero. “The fundraiser just went through his talking points as if I hadn’t said anything, but I had fun.” Hahaha, do tell. Speaking truth to power, or more accurately, to some other brainwashed zombie. Call somebody who gives a sh*t, bud.

At the end of the march, a bunch of protesters jump in a public fountain, “a fitting end…” etc. Should have been reviewed for a violation of the Clean Water Act.

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1 Response to ‘Downtown D.C. is lousy with people who give a sh*t about fracking’

  1. talgus says:

    we need a way to keep the h8ters of reasonable energy (CH based) from using it. PERIOD.

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