Daily NK – North Ramps Up Revolutionary Statue Guard


“As they continue to criticize South Korea for its alleged role in the recent ‘Statue Demolition Society’ incident, the North Korean authorities have moved to step up patrols around Kim Il Sung statues and other key ‘revolutionary historical sites’, nominally in order to try and foil any possible attack. …

“The orders instruct that the patrols must focus on Kim Il Sung Statues, Kim Il Sung Revolutionary History Museums, the Towers of Eternal Life that exist in every neighborhood and Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il Revolutionary Ideology Research Institutes. It commands that patrol frequency be doubled, that one-man patrols become two-man, and that night patrols be extended through the day. It adds that towers and study rooms in factory enterprises should be guarded from 7PM to 7AM.

“The aim of the exercise, as the weight of recent propaganda across all North Korea’s domestic media reflects, is to enhance the feeling of being under attack, and through that to generate internal solidarity. …

“In a connected story, there is a rumor circulating that Jeon Young Chul, the man who stands accused of re-entering North Korea after defection so as to commit the so-called ‘statue terrorism’, is to be executed.

“The rumor, which is moving not just between the people but also among members of the security forces, is that the execution will be public.”

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