Ed Rendell on the benefits of #NatGas. #rsrh

Rendell is the Democratic ex-governor of Pennsylvania. He gets it. Why don’t more Democrats?

H/T @MarcellusGas

Embrace the natural-gas solution

While improved air quality and savings at the pump are key advantages of natural-gas vehicles (NGVs), the most critical benefit is our increased economic, energy, and national security. America’s dependence on foreign oil puts our citizens and our economy in jeopardy. Year after year, as OPEC continues to raise the price of oil, we cannot afford to continue relying on unstable, undemocratic regimes to provide our energy. Natural gas offers a solution, an American solution, produced right here in Pennsylvania.

Despite these overwhelming benefits, there is a misunderstanding that residents must make a choice between protecting the environment and ensuring the dependable production of sufficient energy for power generation and transportation. This is a false choice. Pennsylvania can have both.

Before leaving office in 2011, I put in place strict regulations that require the treatment of fracking wastewater to ensure it meets the federal clean water standards, before it is disposed of in any of our waterways. We also imposed standards to prevent methane from contaminating groundwater by requiring the highest standards for fracking well construction. By allowing this robust regulatory framework to safeguard the marketplace, natural-gas development can become safer and more reliable.

Read more: http://www.philly.com/philly/business/homepage/20120603_Embrace_the_natural-gas_solution.html#ixzz1wjO3OisM

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