Teen with felony fatality driving history questioned in Shunick case.

The Independent: Police confirm Rocky Mcgee interviewed in Shunick case

Two years ago the Teche News reported that Mcgee was involved in an automobile accident in Breaux Bridge in which Amin Jalaudin Amlani, 35, of Breaux Bridge was killed. The car Amlani was driving was struck by another vehicle being driven by Mcgee, then 17, also of Breaux Bridge, the paper reported. Click here to see an image of Amlani’s vehicle.

The two-vehicle accident happened on Grand Point Road Hwy. 347, near Doyle Melancon Road.

Mcgee, who could not be reached for comment, was initially charged with OWI and felony hit and run with a fatality, according to St. Martin Parish Assistant District Attorney Chester Cedars. The ADA says two other individuals, Bryan Marks and Victor Simon, were in the vehicle with Mcgee. “None of them could be held criminally responsible because they were not the operator,” Cedars says.

Cedars says he initially tried to charge Mcgee with vehicular homicide but would have had to prove that intoxication caused the accident, and the evidence supported that Amlani had turned into Mcgee’s car. The ADA was able to secure a guilty plea to felony hit and run with a fatality. Mcgee is scheduled to be sentenced Aug. 21; he faces up to seven years at hard labor.

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1 Response to Teen with felony fatality driving history questioned in Shunick case.

  1. Ms. Jo says:

    Maybe if the police and lawyers and judge would have done there job the first time and not look at the color of this person skin another family would not be suffering again not being raciest just stating a fact it was a owi and hit and run a dead person cant talk and now we probably have another dead person and yall still dont understand I feel far the family lost because I read about his first accident and it just didn’t make sense hands down for chester cedars.

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