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BP Spill: Still Hyping After All These Years

All these years? Poetic license. It’s been two years since the disastrous explosion on the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig. Eleven rig workers were killed in a valiant but failed attempt to control BP’s Macondo well located 50 miles off the … Continue reading


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Shorter Krugman: $15B Big Dig was worth it because it saved me $5 in cab fare. #rsrh “The Big Dig is often treated as a cautionary tale of delays and cost overruns, and I have no idea how the cost-benefit analysis looks in retrospect. And I’m in general skeptical about highway expansions. But there sure have … Continue reading

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One picture explains why natural gas is trading at a 10 year low price. Natural gas storage smooths out the supply picture. Gas is not needed for space heating in summer, so excess production can be stored underground (in salt caverns or depleted reservoirs). Storage is then “drawn down” in wintertime when space … Continue reading

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The polite term for this is ‘fencing’

Argentina is already looking for a buyer for the half of YPF that they just stole from Repsol. Argentina Seeks Partner for YPF to Invest $10B The Argentine government is looking to seduce major international oil companies to invest some … Continue reading

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LA Dems Strip Obama Challenger’s Delegates on Technicality

In the March 24 presidential primary, Democratic challenger John Wolfe, Jr. scored 17,804 votes. Wolfe is a lawyer from Chattanooga, TN and a virtual unknown in Louisiana. Party rules award delegates to the national convention for any candidate whose vote … Continue reading

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Feds say natural seep is likely source of Gulf oil sheen. #rsrh Naturally seeping oil from the seafloor is the likely culprit behind a 10-mile sheen discovered in the central Gulf of Mexico earlier this week, federal officials said Friday. The Interior Department’s Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement said in … Continue reading

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A Little Perspective, Please.

Exxon’s top exec got a 17pct. pay raise in 2011 Exxon Mobil gave its top executive a 17 percent increase in compensation last year, as the oil giant posted one of its most profitable years on record. Rex Tillerson, 60, … Continue reading

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WSJ: New Life for the Gulf’s ‘Dead Sea’. #rsrh | But the rigs in the pic are stacked…

…”stacked” as in “not currently working”. Link may require subscription/prescription.

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Why Obama deserves little credit for U.S. oil and gas boom. #rsrh

Energy Fact of the Week: Why Obama deserves little credit for U.S. oil and gas boom From Steven F. Hayward at the American Enterprise Institute Oil: Gas:

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